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Running it via desktop doesn't show a save button and has (DEBUG) in the window title bar :(

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GENIUS! Works especially well with small sprite sizes like 8x8.

Edit: Oh I see cellular automata makes the 16px and up nice too. Wow!

Pretty smart, I like it. Assuming there's a seed, can you display this too so one may recreate sprites and/or variations?


For what i see there's a limit of 48 in width and height, could you change it to allow the user to create only one sprite that take the full space ?

I love it even if i really don't know what to do with it :).

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am i allowed to use one of these as a prof pic cus i might do it for my alt if ok

nvm ima just use them as inspiration to make pixel art like my prof pic

like can you believe i did something that cool typically it looks like a blob but i bet you  can tell what that is for once


feel free to do either way, I recommend to try to get inspired, ideas get better refined through our minds!

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It's amazing what the brain interprets these as! Great job!

:3 gotta train the brain

Love the sprite generation. Nice work.


This is really cool! I'm loving it so far!

Thank you kindly ;)