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I'm going to use it in my new game. I'll let you know when it's deployed and you certainly will have credit.

Have you considered releasing the base sprites used for this as a separate asset. I'd love to use these in a game, but it could take a while to manually export different bot versions.

Really nice art style, only wish I could save/export!

The art is really cool and it's fun to play with this tool.

They are cool! Thanks for making and sharing

Are we allowed to use these bots for games? What's the license for them?

feel free to use the Sprite and design freely

Great! Even for commercial games?

yes 😎

would be 10/10 if they actually had 10 legs when I set "legs" to 10



This is a great little project. I want to do something like that now.


So Cool!

This is great! Such great source of inspiration! 🙌


thank you, glad you like by bots so much