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Hi, is this licensed under CC?


Is it possible to write a conversion for another system (Maze Rats)? I’ve converted it last week for a convention and I’d like to publish the stats.


Yea, that can be helpful. Ping me on socials or here when it's ready so I can link it in the description.

You can find it here (there’s also an Italian version, but since I didn’t translate the module it’s just the notes I used to run the game).


Grazie per la conversione, l'ho aggiunta alla descrizione. Grande!

Hi, would like to translate this to German. Would you mind to write me on Mastodon or Twitter?

sure thing, feel free to drop here your twitter @, or DM me there directly! (I don't think there is a DM over mastodon)

Great adventure ... Is it me or the room 12 is missing ? 

Yea it's a typing error, it should read as "room 10".

I'll fix it later, thanks for noticing!

You're welcome :)


Thank you for making it print-friendly (ish) with the latest update!

Oh damn I totally forgot to make it printable! I'll provide a BW version of the PDF asap and convert the markdown version to a pdf as well.


I'm definitely printing the color! I want to make a booklet of sorts.

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Love how usable this is!


Love me some wax slugs


A great little dungeon with a lot of character!