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Moondust Plains is a setting for group/solo/GMless play in a shape of a cool postcard. You don't have much room to write on it tho, sorry.

Enter a surreal location where the moon is dangerosly close to the earth and it keeps raining down its dust on the plains inhabitant. The setting includes weird factions fighting against each other, a hexcrawl with locations and three type of hexes, each with it own encounter table, a weather table to see how much you are in the eternal night, a quest spark table and a Moon Blessing table for when you get cool powers.

The setting is system-neutral and can be used with RPGs of many kinds, but I suggest simple ones like DURF or Troika! Inspired by Sludge Lands by Chaoclypse, this postcard wouldn't exists without it for the inspiration!

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorHairic Lilred
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdurf, GM-Less, Hexcrawl, oracle, postcard, setting, Solo RPG, Troika, weird


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Very nice and original minimalist setting. The NPCs are very interesting, alltough I miss information about the moonchild.

The layout is very clear and the illustrations are inspiring, it's always nice to show a portrait of the NPC to the players 

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Ehi, thanks for the kind words.

I kinda wanted the Moon Child to be misterious but I guess it is a bit too much. Also I kinda run out of space lol.
I will leave you with these descriptions then:
"The Moon Child is a fragment of the manifestation of the Moon Will, that was created as a mean to get closer to humanhood. It represents its curiosity for human life, that the Moon cannot really understand."
"The Moon Beasts are fragments of the manifestation of the Moon Will, as a mean of protection against humanity. They represent its fear for humans’ cruelty, that the Moon cannot really understand."

Lovely, thank you!